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“Instant Kagawad”: son inherits father’s councilor post

As the untimely death of Kagawad Ruben Dacumos left a vacancy in the Sangguniang Barangay of Quirino, the body has instantly concurred for a replacement.  The new councilor of our barangay is Edgardo “Gary Boy/Edgar” Dacumos, the former kagawad’s eldest son.


garycourtNot an existing rule, but just allowable under the local government code.


According to Kagawad Yolly Emocling, it was Mayor Ariel Bitong who suggested that a qualified member of the family be appointed as a replacement before anybody else.  To this author’s knowledge, it is the municipal mayor who appoints someone to fill up a vacancy in the barangay council, provided concurred upon by the Sanggunian body concerned.


Dacumos took his oath of office as the new Kagawad of Sangguniang Barangay on Monday, February 2, 2009.


The new councilor Dacumos had been more famous as Quirino’s basketball player.  He is now facing a new game of different environment and teammates.  Dacumos is married to Rowena Viloria.  He is the father of the incumbent SK Chairman Jansenn Dacumos.


<<<  A fastbreak from the hardcourt to the session table.  “Gary Boy” Dacumos faces a new game—politics.



February 7, 2009 - Posted by | EVENTS


  1. Is it somewhat unfair to the candidates during the election..
    Though the new appointee is his son (May God Bless Him former kagawad Ruben Dacumos).. It would be appropriate to appoint the 8th place kagawad winner during the election… I don’t know who he is, I’m sorry I forgot the result…

    This is just my opinion… Nothing to do about it, the ceremony has been done by the mayor of Maria Aurora..

    Well anyways….

    Comment by FrancisG | February 7, 2009

  2. uhm un din ang alam kong dapat.. 😉

    Comment by isnabera | February 9, 2009

  3. to clarify the matters… here is an excerpt of the Local Government Code of the Philippines:

    SEC. 45. Permanent Vacancies in the Sanggunian. – (a) Permanent vacancies in the sanggunian where automatic successions provided above do not apply shall be filled by appointment in the following manner:

    (1) The President, through the Executive Secretary, in the case of the sangguniang panlalawigan and the sangguniang panlungsod of highly urbanized cities and independent component cities;
    (2) The governor, in the case of the sangguniang panlungsod of component cities and the sangguniang bayan;

    (3) The city or municipal Mayor, in the case of sangguniang barangay, upon recommendation of the sangguniang barangay concerned

    Comment by japson | February 10, 2009

  4. Thanks for the info Mr. Japson…
    It’s great to have a researcher on such matters…

    Though it has been supported by the Local Government Code of the Philippines, for me it’s unethical on the part of the appointee and to whom that concerned person…
    Just because he is a family member of the late Kagawad Ruben himself… would mean that he is very well qualified for the said position…

    He is according to the law…
    But other than that, is he?

    No offense to the new appointee rather new Sangguninag Barangay memeber…


    Comment by FrancisG | February 11, 2009

  5. Hi Mr. FrancisG! I searched in http://www.chanrobles.com, so it is not that hard to do the “research”.
    I see nothing wrong of him being appointed as successor of his father, as long as the Sanggunian recommended such appointment and the mayor has approved it to the best of their moral and ethical beliefs. It will be a different story if Gary insisted himself for the position, or if he “paid” for it. In the contrary, he did nothing to gain the appointment. He did not ask for it. He was merely appointed. A call of duty, and to continue whatever his father has started, I don’t think he doesn’t deserve the position, and I don’t think he committed an unethical conduct.

    Comment by japson | February 14, 2009

  6. good day to all!!!!

    for me,

    “””appointed official doing his duty is better than elected official doing nothing”””

    Comment by archie boy | February 20, 2009

  7. […] Kagawad Ruben, humalili sa kanya bilang kagawad ang kaniyang anak at isa rin nating kaibigan na si Gary Boy Dacumos. Sabi nga ni kaibigang Quinoy, sana ay kanya ring pag-ibayuhin ang sipag sa bagong larangan na […]

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  8. it is not the appointed one but who appoint.does he appoint the right one? anyway lets give Gary a chance sabi nga ni archie boy “””appointed official doing his duty is better than elected official doing nothing”””.good day to all Quinoys

    Comment by quinoybug | March 28, 2009

  9. well, it is clear from the law that the recommendation from the Sangguniang Barangay will take precedence, law doesn’t provide that it must the 8th placer in the Bgy Election should be the one appointed for an obvious reason an eight placer means a loser he has an equal footing with any other individual, sec 45 of LGC expressly provides the manner of succession as explained in the case of Fariñas vs. Barba decided by the Supreme Court (G.R. No. 116763. April 19, 1996)

    Comment by robwayne | August 16, 2009

  10. according to the law, the 8th placer has no right to become a kagawad automatically because he lost in the elections. He ws never elected by the people. he is on equal footing with the 9th, 10th or last placer. The city mayor is given the right to appoint a new kagawad choosing from a lists of candidates provided by the sangguniang barangay. so in effect, the sangguniang barangay is the one who chooses a new kagawad in case of a vacancy or vacancies. But, an 8th placer can become a kagawad if he will be included in the said lists of candidates and subsequently be chosen by the city mayor and sangguniang barangay.

    Comment by Michael K. Cajucom | September 2, 2013

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